Richard Armitage is the New Batman?

Richard Armitage


The English actor has become the surprise favorite to play the role that Christian Bale has been reprising for the entire Dark Knight trilogy. Based on the most recent reports on dailies and online news magazines, the star of Spooks is said to appear as the new Bruce Wayne in the new Batman-Superman crossover movie with Henry Cavill, who is also British.

Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel, is now looking for an actor to play the Batman role in his coming sequel, which is expected to bring together for the first time, all of the world’s greatest DC Comics superheroes in one movie.

The big bosses of Warner Bros are keen about casting a slightly more mature actor for the role of Batman. It was reported by Rope of Silicon that they are looking for someone who’s in his “mid-40s” saying that the Caped Crusader’s latest reincarnation will be as a “grizzles veteran who has been on the job for several years”.

The 41-year old Armitage was the leading man in North & South and played the role of Guy of Gisborne in BBC1’s production of Robin Hood.

The British actor’s name has been touted for the Caped Crusader role after he impressed film bosses with how he portrayed his role as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

Casting sources said that the role is in most definitely in the bag for Armitage because not only is he “well-liked”, he also “has the skills to portray the dark and light in the Wayne/Batman character”.

Christian Bale - Batman


Christian Bale has ruled out the possibility of reprising his role in the upcoming Batman-Superman crossover movie after having completed the three films under the Dark Knight trilogy.


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