Usher’s Look Foundation Helps Develop Leadership Curriculum in Georgia Schools

Usher's Look Foundation to help Georgia Schools

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Multi-Grammy awardee Usher continues his philanthropic deeds through his new Look Foundation, which is now in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education in helping groom young leaders. Both Usher’s organization and the school department are working together in developing new leadership curriculums for the purpose.

In a statement about the hands-on curriculum project, Usher said, “If there’s an opportunity to engage youth and teach them or lead them to what they want to do with their lives, to become future leaders or entrepreneurs, then we’re making a connection and we’re doing exactly what the purpose of the new look foundation is.”

The first lady of Georgia Sandra Deal, who handles the public service work of her husband Governor Nathan Deal, is also supporting this fresh initiative being taken on by Usher’s foundation and the state’s school department.

Deal said, “They (youth) see the success of Usher and he encourages them to find their passion and follow it and to develop their own identity and own self-worth.”

It is First Lady Deal’s belief that Usher is giving the youth a “reason to finish school and to be leaders in our communities to solve the problems”.


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